Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Baby Alizeh’s role in the Environment !!

                Baby Alizeh was born on June 29th and that may be the reason she is contributing more towards the Mother Nature, we can say! Basically Iam a person who is obedient to teachers so when I was a kid few stuffs were deep in my mind and I followed those stuffs till I can and those stuffs have transformed in my bub I can say.
Reduction of Disposable Garbage:
As soon as she was born she was in cloth nappies which are homemade. So her first contribution as soon as she entered the world is like she didn’t use disposable and made a huge contribution to the society by not dumping the huge disposable garbage. Because of her I too have started using menstrual cup. Baby Alizeh became a social citizen who teaches her mom to give back fresh air to the society. It was really hard in the beginning to use only cloth and then later when she was 2 months old I started using one size MODERN CLOTH DIAPERS which are reusable and washable which is a great thing to use. Its really cool to see beautiful designs on the bum. With a minimum stash of 22 we reuse them and enjoy wearing them. Baby A also loves her diapers. She doesn’t like the disposables and to be frank we don’t know how to select a disposable diaper for her in this country  :p I can hear you people regarding the night time diapering. As a mommy I too worry about my darling’s sleep. Yes, she sleeps peacefully in her nighttime diapers which comes for more than 12 plus hours but I do change when we hit 9 hours as I don’t want to take a chance on my baby’s bum. But there are parents who use for 13 hours with our trusted Superbottoms Plus. In a day we use approximately 4 to 5 diapers so you can technically understand that BabyA has successfully prevented 1650 disposable diapers in these 11 months from going into landfills for 500 years. Isn’t it that cool?

Spreading the Love for cloth diapers
                Baby A has did her major part so can we be happy by sitting quite?? Haven’t our elders taught us Good things should be shared?? So what We (BabyA & mommy club) did was spreaded the love of Cloth diapers to others by claiming the positives and negatives of using cloth diapers and we can proudly say nearly 10 mommies have started using cloth diapers looking at the joy this mommy club has attained in using the cloth diapers. We didn’t stop with that alone, baby Alizeh gifted newborn cloth diapers to her newborn nephew to spread the love she has in cloth diapers.

Reducing the usage of Plastics
We can say we are eco-friendly only when we complete this part and it’s a difficult task. But we tried our best and trying our best to complete this process hope we will succeed in this task soon. Slowly we are trying to use Tote bags. Whenever I use plastics Baby Alizeh shows me her bums which makes me realise I should use a tote bag instead of a plastic bag. To store the soiled diapers I do have wetbags but those wetbags are so beautiful where it ended up in carrying our clothes, stuffs when we move out which takes a role of plastic bag. Win win situation for us!
Usage of Teethers:
                One of the toughest phase in parenting I can say is teething phase. I was so specific in not getting plastic stuffs for her either for her toys or any other stuff it matters. So we avoided getting toys for her till she reached the teething phase. Selecting the teethers were the toughest task but we got her Food grade Silicone where we did our bit in this too in becoming a Green Family who is doing their small bit to safeguard the nature.

                We read somewhere where a best contribution to the Global warming is to open the windows and doors as soon as one wakes up from his/her bed and that part we do daily as Alizeh loves nature and she needs fresh air to breathe in!!
                When we go for the walks we speak to the plants/Trees, Leaves. She touches them, feels them. I could sense a joy , can see a spark in her eyes when she does that. Earlier I thought she is doing it as a play and later I could relate how kids become teachers and teach us , remind us about the stuffs which are rusted?

Relating to the Theme
                “Connect with Nature” is the theme of this year and Baby Alizeh did her job by speaking with the clouds, touching the mud, grass, trees, bark, leaves. Baby Alizeh speaks to them in her language which I don’t understand a bit but I am sure mother nature understands and acknowledges back by blowing a gentle breeze, where the leaves move and make us happy. A smile on baby Alizeh’s face say it all!! As a mommy I feel very proud that I am able to transfer the principles, teachings which my mother taught me and I could relish the moments which I spent with my parents during my childhood days.
These are the major roles which we are happy in contributing for making a safe place to live in. A few suggestions from our end for you readers:
  1. Plant saplings
  2. Water them and safeguard them.
  3. Say No to plastics
  4. Avoid using toxic stuffs
  5. Go the park spot on the different species.
Please do share with us how did your child teach you to respect the Global world? What steps the bub has made you to give your contribution for safeguarding the globe?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Review- HappyNap-BabyRashcream

HappyNap Rash Cream-Benzalkonium &Zinc Cream
                                                                                                    -Indian Product
HappyNap Rash Cream- A product by an Indian for the Indian. It’s manufactured by Apex Laboratories Private Limited, Tamilnadu.
How much does it weigh?
                It weighs 20g in the form of a paste filled in the tube. Its approximately Rs.85/-

How did I land into this product?
                I am basically sensitive person and since babyA was in my womb wanted to avoid antibiotics, medicines as much as possible. The most threatening fact which made me to use the cloth diapers is as I didn’t liked to use the disposable diapers as I didn’t want my kid to fall trapped with the chemicals as the bum should be chemical free. Im lazy too and thanks to my sister who maintained the record of not using disposables at all till babyA was 3 months old. Though we are super careful BabyA got her first mild rash when she was in the teething phase around 4 months old so when we had our regular visit to the doctor he said its nothing serious and if at all the rash builds up more use this cream and it works wonders. I have a great respect for that doctor as he does everything from the view of the baby, breastfeeding friendly doctor too. As he suggested we got this product.
What’s the composition?
                It contains Zinc oxide to the larger proportion and benzalkonium to a minimum composition in the cream form. It heals the rashes as well as behaves as a barrier by preventing the development of new rashes.
Promise of the TEAM:
Ø  It’s actually a cream for babies who have sensitive skin. It can cure the rashes caused due to nappies, diaper or tight clothing.
What’s the best which I like!
Ø  It works wonders as promised
Ø  A small amount is enough to cure the rashes
Ø  The existing rashes are also cured.
Ø  The price which doesn’t make a hole in our pocket.Can be available all over India.
Any Disadvantages:
Ø  I am unable to really quote disadvantages as im extremely happy with the product and if at all Il have to say it can come in little larger quantity.
How to Use:
Ø  Wash the affected area and pat dry
Ø  Take the cream and apply them in the affected region.
Ø  Use three times a day.
My rating:

        The product is reviewed on own basis and I have no connection with the company. As I felt the product is good felt it would be helpful for new mommies.